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Personal Background


Birth Place:                 New York

Address:                      School of Education

                                    Tel Aviv University

                                    Israel 69978

                                    Tel: 972-3-640-8467


Educational Background


1974 - 1978                 Ph.D., University of Minnesota, School of Education,

                                    Second Language Learning, Measurement & Evaluation

                                    Dissertation Title: Investigation of concurrent validity of the Oral Interview test with the Cloze procedure for measuring

                                    language proficiency

                                    Advisors: Professors Dale Lange and Helen Jorstad

1979 - 1981                 Post Doctorate: Stanford University, School of Education

                                    Second Language Acquisition and Testing

                                    Sponsor: Professor Robert Politzer

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Academic Background


2000-current               Full Professor, Language Education Chair, Language Education Program School of Education, Tel Aviv University

                                    (teaching courses such as: Language Testing/assessment, Critical language testing, SLA research  methods, Second

                                    language acquisition, Language policy, Immigrants and  school acheivements, Multilingualism in Israel, Critical                                                    applied linguistics, English in a global world, Language in public spaces (linguistic landscape); Lang at the workplaceץ

1993- 2000                 Associate professor, Language Education Chair, Language Education Program

                                   School of Education, Tel Aviv University.

1986 - 1992                Senior Lecturer (tenured) Language Education Program, Tel Aviv University.

1981 - 1986                Lecturer, Tel Aviv University, School of Education Language Education Program.

1979 - 1981                Coordinator, Instructor, University of California, Berkeley, Hebrew language program.

1979 - 1981                Researcher, Stanford University, School of Education; Research on the development of language proficiency tests

                                    for bilingual (English-Spanish) immigrant  students.

1974 - 1978                 Instructor, University of Minnesota, School of Education Second Language Education Program; Coordinator of

                                    teacher training program for second language teachers.

Academic Appointments
1990-2005, current    Chair, Language Education Program Tel Aviv University, School of Education.

1994 - 2000                Co-director of Language Policy Research Center, Bar Ilan University, Israel.

1996 - 1999                Research Director, National Foreign Language Center, Washington, DC. 
1999-2001                  Advisory Professor,  Hong Kong Institute of Education Hong Kong.

2000-2006                   Founder and associate editor, Language Policy.

2000, 2002                  Visiting Professor, Penn State University, Applied Linguistics Dept.(teaching Language testing and

2005 (spring)              Visiting Professor, School of Language and Linguistics Georgetown University, Washington, DC. (teaching:
                                    Language Testing and Language Policy).

2006 (spring)              Visiting Professor, School of Language and Linguistics Georgetown University, Washington, DC. (teaching:
                                    Language Testing, Language Policy, Jewish languages).

2007 (spring)              Visiting Professor, Graduate School of Education, UC Berkeley,  California (teaching: Language Policy
                                    Language learning of immigrants in schools).
Editorial boards:         Language assessment quarterly, Modern language journall International journal of bilingualism, Critical inquiry in
                                   language studies, IMJR, among others.
Visiting/Teaching Professorships 
1986-87                        Modern Language Center Ontario Institute for Studies in Education (OISE) Toronto, Canada.

1990 (summer)             Dept. of Linguistics, Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada.
1992 (winter)                 (teaching Language Testing)    
1990 - 1991                   Mellon Residence Fellow (12 months) National Foreign Language Center Johns Hopkins University, Washington, DC

1992 - 97                       One month per year - Residence Fellow,National Foreign Language Center, Washington, DC.

1992, 1993 (summers)  Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia (teaching Language Testing).
1994 (summer)               University of Jyvaskyla, Finland  (teaching Language Testing).

1995  (spring)                 Georgetown University, Linguistics Dept, Washington DC. (teaching Language testing and research methods).

1995,1996 (summers)   Trenton College, Mallorca Summer School (teaching Language Testing).

1997 (summer)               Jewish Theological Seminar, New York.

1998 (summer)                Carleton University, Ottawa, summer institute (teaching Language Testing  and Language Policy).

1999,  Feb., Sept.             Hong Kong Institute of Education, Hong Kong.

 2000 (fall)                        Visting Professor at Penn State University, Applied Linguistics Dept.(teaching Critical Language Testing  and                                                    Language Policy).

2002 (winter, fall)             Visiting Professor at Penn State University, Applied Linguistics Dept.(teaching Language Testing and                                                               Sociolinguistics) 
2002 (Summer)               AAAL Summer school of Applied Linguistics, Penn State University.

2005 (Spring)                  Visiting Professor, School of Language and Linguistics Georgetown University, Washington, DC. (teaching
                                        Language Testing and  Language Policy).

2005 (Summer)              AAAL Summer school of Applied Linguistics, Penn State University.
2005 (Fall)                      Teaching language testing: Odense Univ. Denmark

2006 (Spring)                 Visiting Professor, School of Language and Linguistics Georgetown University, Washington, DC.

2007 (Spring)                 UC Berekeley, California, School of Education.


Other Appointments


1982 - Present                  Co-chair and Founder Academic Committee for Research on Language Testing (ACROLT), Israel.

1984 - 1997                      Editorial Board, Language Testing.

1990 - 1993                      Chair, AILA Commission on Language Testing and Evaluation.

1992 - Present                  Editorial Board of Modern Language Journal.

1992 - 1994                      President, International Organization for the Teaching and Acquisition of Hebrew in Israel.

1993 - 1995                      Steering committee, IEA (International Evaluation Association) study for International comparisons in languages.

1996                                 Chair, committee granting the ETS award for best dissertation, 1996.

1999                                 President,  ILTA (International Association of Language Testing).

2000 - present                 Co-editor book series on Language Policy for (Springer).

2000                                AAAL nominating committee.

2000 -2006                      Associate editor, the journal Language Policy.

2007- Current                  Editor, the journal Language Policy (Springer).

About Elana

Elana Shohamy is Professor of  Language Education at the School of Education, Tel Aviv University where she researches a variety of topics related to language policy in the context of conflicts and co-existence in multilingual societies, mostly of Israel. 
Elana Shohamy is a professor of Language Education at the School of Education, Tel Aviv University where she researches topics of multilingualism within the contexts of critical framework, language rights and co-existence.

Her work in language testing focuses on the power and misuses of tests in education and society and more recently on multilingual testing. The work in language policy addresses mechanisms used for creating de facto policies that penalize immigrants and minority groups.

In the past decade Elana researches ample dimensions of Linguistic Landscape (LL), referring to languages displayed in public spaces with a focus on LL as arenas of conflicts and contestation. Her books include: The Languages of Israel: Policy, ideology and practice (w/ B. Spolsky, 1999); The power of tests: A critical perspective of the uses of language tests (2001); Language policy: Hidden agendas and new approaches (2006); Linguistic landscape: expanding the scenery, (ed. w/ Durk Gurter, 2009); and Linguistic landscape in the city  (ed. w/ Ben Rafael and Barni, 2010). Elana is the editor of the journal Language Policy and the winner of the 2010 lifetime achievement award granted by ILTA in Cambridge, UK.

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