Invited Plenaries

Invited plenary talks (partial list)
1993 Jyväskylä, Finland – Conference on East-West  language testing (Title: the use of tests for power and control).
1993, Cambridge, Gillian – Competence and performance in language testing.
1995, Hong Kong  - A multiplism approach to language assessment
(International conference on language testing and evaluation).
1996, Great Debate – Science or art in language education,  TESOL convention, Chicago.
March, 1997. Critical language testing and beyond. Invited plenary paper  presented at The American Association of Applied Linguistics (AAAL), Orlando, March, 1997.
May, 1997.  The new language policy in Israel - from monolingualims to multilingualism? Brussels, conference on Contact and conflict.
November, 1997. Antwerp. The use of tests for power and control.
December, 1998. Power and control in language testing - International conference on
language education, Hong Kong.
July, 1998. Carleton University. The social responsibility of the tester.

Summer, 1999. Tokyo, Japan. Keynote speech at the AILA convention, Democratic and undemocratic practices of language testing.

April, 2001. Invited keynote on Decmocratic and undemocratic dimensions of assessment. Aarhus, Denmark.  
April, 2001. Copenhagen, Denmark Invited keynote on Decmocratic and undemocratic dimensions of assessment.  . 
October, 2001. Vitoria, Basque Country, Keynote in the conference on multilingualism. The power of language tests in multilingual societies.
February, 2002. University of Pennsylvania, PA.
May, 2001. Minneapolis, Minnesota. Invited keynote in the conference on Teacher Education of Language Teachers (Title of paper: The power of tests over teachers: The power of teachers over tests)..
September, 2003. Tralee, Ireland. Invited keynote plenary, the conference on Trialingualism.
November, 2003. Groningen, The Netherlands. Invited keynote speech in the conference The socio-political setting of ELT. (The impact of testing on the effectiveness of ELT in different settings).
December, 2003. Hamilton, New Zealand in the conference on Language, diversity, education, Critical language testing.
March 2004, Mobile, Alabama Invited keynote in the Annual conference of Foreign language Teachers Southern States (USA) Critical language testing  .
May, 2004, Invited talk, LinguaPax, on Language rights,  Barcelona, Spain.
June, 2004, Penn state University, Pleanry invited talk of the conference of Language and Social Psychology.
September, 2004, Columbia University, New York. Invited talk in the conference of Imagined Multilingual Schools,.
May, 2005, Invited talk for the conference on Association of Language Testers of Europe, Berlin, Germany (Title: Language tests as de facto policies).
May, 2005, Ottawa, Canada. Plenary talk Annual Convention of TESOL.
July, 2005, Ottawa, Canada. LTRC conference: Tests as power tools: Looking backwards, looking forward.
September, 2005, Odense, Denmark. Langauge tests as de facto language policy: The case against language tests for citizenship.
October, 2005, Siena, Italy. Titles: 1. Linguistic landscape 2. Academic achievement of immigrant students in schools.
March, 2006. Georgetown University. GURT conference, Plenary talk: At what cost? Method of reviving, maintaining and sustaining languages,.
September 2007, Siena, Italy, conference on language documentation.
September 2007, Sydney, Australia. AALA conference, Plenary talk Macquarie University.
February, 2007, Washington, DC. conference on Jewish languages, Georgetown University.
April, 2007 Long Beach, California. Language testing. CAB conference.
July, 2007, New York. National conference on Dual immersion.
September, 2007, plenary talk, Conference on Languge Policy, Tallinn, Estonia.
December, 2007, Friesland, Netherlands.conference on minority languages,
August, 2008 Medellín, Colombia. Language Policy. National conference on teaching education.
April, 2009.  Cardiff, Wales.bLanguage Policy.  IATEFL conference,
May, 2009 Toronto, OISE, Immigrants literacy..
October, 2009 Antwerp, Belguim. Language policy from below.  
October, 2009 Berlin, Germany. Language tests for citizenship, major issues and challenges.
April, 2010 Cambridge, UK. Invited Plenary associated with granting the life-time achievement award.
September, 2010, Vilnius, Litawenia. Linguistic landscape.
April, 2011 Siena, EALTE conference, Ethical aspects of language tests.
May, 2011, Hong Kong, City University, issues of language tests in a global world.
June, 2011, Krakow, ALTE conf,  plenary on issues and challenges of the CEFR.
September, 2011, plenary in ‘English Australia’, Adelaide, The power of tests. 
October, 2011, Hamburg, workshope and invited public talk on Linguistic landscape in the city
April, 2012, New York. Language and Instutition  conference, International Language Association, NY, on Linguistics landscape as institutional talk.
September, 2012. Calgary, Canada, Linguistic landscape: A policy tool. First conference on language policy.
September, 2012, Siena, Italy. Invited plenary talk to Italian Applied Linguistic conference, on bilingual testing
Februrary, 2013, Freebourg, Switzerland, invited plenary talk, Winter school of critical sociolinguistics  
June, 2013. Capetown, South Africa. Linguistic landscape in the city: contestations and protests.
July, 2013. Medillin, Colombia. Language testing in higher education.
September, 2013. Oslo, Norway. Plenary talk on of linguistic landscape in relation to the new center: Multilingualism over a life span.
September, 2013. Rio de Janiero, Brazil. Linguistic landscape as a political tools. AILA Brazil.
November, 2013. Firentze, Italy, Linguistic landscape: educational perspective, LEND conference.
November, 2013. Tromso, Norway, Linguistic landscape: a tool for contestation and negotiations. Conference on Diversity.
November, 2013. Siena, Italy, Multilingual testing. IELTS regional conference.

About Elana

Elana Shohamy is Professor of  Language Education at the School of Education, Tel Aviv University where she researches a variety of topics related to language policy in the context of conflicts and co-existence in multilingual societies, mostly of Israel. 
Elana Shohamy is a professor of Language Education at the School of Education, Tel Aviv University where she researches topics of multilingualism within the contexts of critical framework, language rights and co-existence.

Her work in language testing focuses on the power and misuses of tests in education and society and more recently on multilingual testing. The work in language policy addresses mechanisms used for creating de facto policies that penalize immigrants and minority groups.

In the past decade Elana researches ample dimensions of Linguistic Landscape (LL), referring to languages displayed in public spaces with a focus on LL as arenas of conflicts and contestation. Her books include: The Languages of Israel: Policy, ideology and practice (w/ B. Spolsky, 1999); The power of tests: A critical perspective of the uses of language tests (2001); Language policy: Hidden agendas and new approaches (2006); Linguistic landscape: expanding the scenery, (ed. w/ Durk Gurter, 2009); and Linguistic landscape in the city  (ed. w/ Ben Rafael and Barni, 2010). Elana is the editor of the journal Language Policy and the winner of the 2010 lifetime achievement award granted by ILTA in Cambridge, UK.

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